Job Search in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s

The more you grow old, the more you desire to change the kinds of jobs you try for, the personal brand you pioneer and also the manner in which you stage your resume. One of the significant aspects, that is most often ignored, is the effect the job seeker’s age can and should bear on the process.

20s: Getting a Foot in the Door

At an early age i.e. in 20s candidates are good with respect to enthusiasm and academics but poor when it comes to experience. Since, they are not burdened with social responsibility, they tend to take novel risks. It is also an age, where one possess an ample time to find out ways in which their skills and talents can be explored. But one of the crimes that 20-somethings commit is that they try to begin their job-search once they are graduate. However, a job-search should initially commenced once they are announced as their major. The best way job seeker can commence their journey at this age is that they may have advantage to earn experience by working for normal pay or even no pay- at least for time being, in short might be an internship sort of thing.

30s: Shaping Up
When a candidate is in her/his 30s, they might be imagining about the long-run process. Basically, at this age, each job is on the edge of shaping your career. It’s better to “think about the subsequent job on your resume.” “Does it make any sense in your career path? If it doesn’t, don’t make that move. Your resume portrays a story.”

In your 30s you might have started with family planning agenda, and also at this point you might have gained enough confidence to withstand risks and should hunt for positions that highlight your capabilities and permit you to take certain professional challenges.