Guide for Writing a Perfect Resume

It becomes pretty difficult to update your resume after a long gap. This easy and essential tips could help get you a perfect resume.


A resume should possess a suitable layout and it should be set in a proper format, and also content should be legible. If you wish to put in colors, then be careful that it should be attractive to retina. And as usual, resume should match industry standard, i.e. it should be more than one page.

Contact Details

It’s obligatory to mention your address and phone digits in your resume so that employers can find you.

Personal summary

Personal summary should be written in a way that interest an employer. This helps recruiters understand you in short. Mention about your work that will showcase your confidence. It should be precise so that the employer can evaluate it.


Writing about your skills will enable employer know you more rapidly and also it makes clear to an employer as in what you can bring to the desk or deliver. Bullet points are highly recommended. List down the skills and experiences pertinent to the position.