7 Mistakes That Make Your Professional Resume And You Look Old

Truth is that, resumes are pretty similar to other commercial materials, that do possess an expiry date. It becomes essential at times to update and re-examine this document time-to-time. Keep this in mind, that your resume is the former ladder at your new job, don’t make recruiters think that your outdated and so is your document. So, here’s some technique as in how you keep your resume up to date.

1. It becomes too long

A mind-blowing analysis illustrated that every recruiter tends to spend only 6 seconds in having a glance over the resume before concluding whether it is worth of a quicker scrutiny or not. When it’s about only six seconds than it is noteworthy to make every single word reckoning on the resume.

2. You want employers to ring up at home
In this fast pace, it becomes essential than ever to be approached whenever an employers wants to contact you. If you familiarize more contact numbers into the resume, then it’s possible that you might miss an imperative notification from the employer. Try and list just one phone number, if possible digits of your mobile phone, wherein you handle the voicemail, who receives the phone and when.

3. You haven’t included the URL to your professional profile
As per the Jobvite survey, majority of the employers bound to perceive a candidate’s social portfolio. It’s better to include the URLs to your online professional profiles so that the employers don’t stress much to judge or mistaken you on someone else. Ensure that your online profile and resume goes hand-in-hand and dictate the same story.