7 Deadly Modern Interview Questions

In this pace of advancement, interviewing is formulating novel class of interview questions. Overlooking the interview like a fencing match, organizations are opting for new approach to decide a candidate’s potential, personality and their capabilities.

Have a look on 7 Deadly Modern Interview Questions.

1. “What do you know about our company already?”

This question is similar to testing a candidate’s knowledge about the firm. Have you bothered to do your research? How well do you really know their products or services? What about the company’s history, mission statement, branding statement, or social media messaging? However it seem good enough long ago to just read their website, modern interviewers assume you to actually go in depth on your research.

2. “What did you like most about your last job? How about the least?”

It’s an effort to judge how well you match the job description and company culture. Consider your answer carefully. Don’t just give one liners which interviewer wants to hear. By being sincere about a less desired employment condition, you could be overlooking a bad culture match down the road.

BUT, discover negativity trains. Just justify that there were “communication issues with the team that made collaboration difficult.”

3. “What is something that you would improve about yourself?”

This is the latest version of “What is your greatest weakness?” Because of the phrasing, candidates tend to give a more honest answer because they were caught off-guard. I do believe in giving a valid answer; however, don’t choose a fatal flaw for the position. A fatal flaw is any weakness that would disqualify you for the job, like an administrative assistant who struggled with details or a sales representative who didn’t like meeting with people.

The most important thing about this answer is a strategy on how you will overcome this issue, especially if you are already taking steps to do so. For example, one of my coaching clients had a fear of public speaking. To deal with it, she joined Toastmasters.