6 Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

Most of the hiring managers and recruiters claim that they’ve come across scantily written resumes currently than ever before. Magnetize more interview offers and make certain your resume doesn’t purge you from thoughtfulness by following these six important hints:

1. Format Your Resume Wisely “Do the Hiring Managers” Work for Them

As mentioned earlier your resume is initially scanned for just 25-30 seconds in the first instance. It really doesn’t matter how well your resume is crafted. Scrutinizing is more tough if it is difficult to read, poorly ordered or exceeds two pages.

  • Wisely use a logical format and wide margins, clean type and clear headings
  • Selectively use bold and italic typeface that help steer the reader’s eye
  • Use bullet points to draw attention to important points (i.e. accomplishments)

2. Identify Accomplishments not Just Job Descriptions

Hiring managers specialized in technical fields such as engineering, hunt for candidates that can help them crack an issue or gratify a need within their company. Therefore, you can’t be a solution to their problems without affirming how you solved parallel problems in other companies and circumstances.

  • Concentrate more on what you did in the job, NOT what your job was there’s a difference
  • Consider one or two top line job description first, then write down your achievements
  • For every point ask yourself, what was the benefit of having done what I did?
  • Accomplishments should be exceptional to you, not just a record of what someone else did
  • Shun using the nonspecific metaphors of the jobs you actually applied for or held