6 Tips for a Successful Lunch Interview

4) Respect your Waitstaff. Ah! This shouldn’t be said!  But it’s worth stating. You might be anxious or overly-focused on your lunch dates, but it’s essential to consider your waitstaff in the experience and shun being accidently flippant. Ask them questions. Crack a diplomatic joke. Respect their professionalism. Illustrate your communication skills. No matter how you cut it, it’s the way to go here.

5) Time your questions well. This will require some tactfulness. It sounds weird, but gives best time to your giant questions to your interviewers towards the end of a “chew” or “sip”. Questioning them about their 401K plan exactly when they take a bite will turn in at least 10 seconds of them trying to finish that bite swiftly and potentially clog on their words. We’re all human, but it reveals that you’re being focused and will deliver the meeting a better flow.

6) Offer to pay. There are possibilities; this lunch will not be on you. But it’s better to play safe and at least get your wallet out. They will blow it away, you will say “are you sure?” they’ll assert, and you’ll exclaim “thank you very much”. It will display your graciousness. The End. Check, please!