6 Tips to Freshen Up Your Resume

With the beginning of new season, it’s time to renew and update your resume. So that your reflection appears to be updated both professionally and personally. It’s also good to think about a career change. The most important step for a job seeker is planning and preparation.

For all those professionals looking to improve their career, follow these 6 steps to freshen up your resume;

1. Only keep what’s needed.
It’s always essential to include positions that you’ve held since last 10 years on your resume. Discard all unwanted information from your resume such as your hobbies, your likes or dislikes. Your resume is the first step to create a lasting impression on the employer. It indicates your identity and also ensures what’s actually essential for you to land up your next position.

2. Include temporary opportunities.
Secondly, it is equally important to include all your interim or contract positions on your resume. This one aspect shouldn’t be ignored. Employers are likely to get impressed by candidates who maintain their skills sharp in between roles.

3. Think of your bullet points as snapshots.
Bullet points should highlight your job responsibilities and also your achievements. In short, they should merely educe auxiliary conversation of your experience and achievements.

4. Add awards or certifications.
This is a very important aspect. It’s must of every potential candidate to incorporate details about their awards and affiliations. This the exact moment to display as in why you’re the most deserved candidate and also what makes you stand out from the rest others.

5. Checklist your resume.
Checklist is another way of reevaluating your resume. To ensure whether each and everything is in place prior you apply for novel roles.  Keep the format precise to make it easy for the employers to notice them. This also implies to make use of one font and clear of templates. And also list down appropriate contact information- name, email, address and the available contact digits to reach you- at the very top of your resume.

6. Proofread
And lastly, proofread your resume. This thing is usually avoided by not only young job seekers but also the experienced ones. Go-through your resume thrice to check the  precision and also to confirm that the language is precise and professional. And if possible, ask another person as well to read your resume.