5 Ways Your Thank-You Note Could Cost You The Job

However, not every thank-you message will help your candidacy. In fact, when done incorrectly, your thank-you note can cause more harm than good. Below are five ways your interview follow-up could lose you the job offer.

1. It’s riddled with mistakes.

When you’re in line up with a huge pack of applicants for the same post, even a minor error can be used against you. At present, the youth usually make use of short-forms for texts and tweets and have turn out to be a cranky thing. So, it tends to neglect the minor mistakes, for instance “higher” when you actually mean to say “hire.” Don’t allow these minor errors spoil your candidature. Have a thorough go-through of your thank-you note. And simultaneously ask someone from your friend to proofread your document.

2. The message is generic.
Forwarding an ordinary thank-you note to the recruiters is just as awful as not providing any thank-you notification at all. A thank-you note indicates the differentiation amongst you and other candidates by illustrating your authentic passion for the role and striking a chord to the recruiter about your extra-ordinary qualifications. It’s good to note down little details you gained knowledge about the recruiter, you can always utilize this information in your transcription to display your concentration to detail and make your notification more tremendous.

3. It gets too personal.
There’s a very narrow line betwixt personalizing your memo and emerging off as inapt. Regardless of how relaxed you felt while the interview, it’s more significant that your thank-you note stay professional. Make it crystal clear of cynicism and blasphemy. Keep this in mind, that you’ve yet not been offer the job. So play it like a player.