5 Ways To Impress Your Boss In 30 Seconds Or Less

Many of us spend our days working side-by-side with our supervisors, while others only get to see the higher powers every once in a while. No matter how much time you spend with your boss, it’s only natural to want to stay on her good side. But if you have limited time or usually just see her in passing, these surefire tips will always keep you in her good graces.

1. Stand Tall

If you land up meeting your boss in the hallway or you have a word with her, stand stiff, pull your shoulder backwards and hold your head up. This communicates confidence and competence.

2. Stop By Just To Say “Hey”

Men commit this all the time. Considering she is not profound in the middle of a time-sensitive challenge, look in on and ask as in how her weekend was or if she went through the current news that’s germane to your work. This is one of the simplest ways to be memorable.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen

Whenever you question your boss, either it is related to work or with respect to the recent presidential argument, pay attention to what he has to foreword. Merely inclining forward or simply dozing your head is some nonverbal ways to display you’re involved and concentrating. Remember; don’t have an eye on your phone.

4. Smile

It’s so much easy- and still we frequently overlook it. A smile articulates, “I’m happy to see you.” And what boss (read: human) doesn’t want to feel that sentiment?

5. Offer A Solution, Not A Problem

Your head has a routine of confronting issues every day. Imagine about an in-house process that could be enhanced or a novel client that you wish to lock down. The 30-second portion; if possibly next time you both are in the same elevator or in a meeting where you gain an opportunity to do so, pitch it.