5 Signs that Your Executive Resume is Behind the Times

3. Your resume reads like a career obituary.

If you possess cut and paste job descriptions into your “Work Experience” section you are not marketing value – you are just restating basic work tasks.  Employers have no interest in what you were ‘responsible for’; they desire to know what you can do for them or bring to the desk! Describe your worth through achievements-driven stories that are sustained by numbers and metrics.

4. Your resume runs on and on.  

This usually occurs owing to lack of strategic direction and targeted content selection.  Today’s resumes barely run longer than 3 pages, with 2 pages being the most ordinary length.

An average employer is likely to spend mere seconds scanning your resume initially.  If your resume can not popper and involve with easily edible, bite-sized statements, it may lose the reader’s interest.  Select a resume tactic that works best for you and your work history.  Start by selecting the right format.

5. The resume ends with the outdated line “References Available upon Request”.

It is considered as you will provide references upon request, at the interview, so preserve this space in the resume for something of better benefit.  A line like this most surely dates you.

If your resume needs upgrading and you are not so sure how, ask for  assistance from a certified resume strategist, and then execute good career management by keeping it current and updating it routinely – your future self will certainly thank you.