3 Simple Interview Questions to Ask Every Job Candidate

Few candidates sound more better at interviewing rather than at working. Here’s how it goes. Go through the resume, have a glance over the candidate’s work history, and then work accordingly through every subsequent job.

Just carry forward with these three simple questions;

1. “How did you find out about the job?”

Majority of the candidates hunt for their first few jobs literally either on general postings, online listings or job fairs etc.

But it goes in handy with other candidates who achieve few successive job from general postings but they are probably confused as in what they want to do further..and what would be there next destination. In general, they are just in need of a job and nothing else.

This indicates that they are not much passionate about their work, they just need a job and yours will do…. unless and until there’s something else coming in their way.

Getting pulled into a job by someone is similar to orientation/reference; recruiters don’t employ people they really aware of unless those candidates are tremendous.