3 Biggest Interview Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Interviewing people is a stressful job and this results in employers making mistakes. Following are the three biggest mistakes that often people commit while interviewing and how and why to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Dishonesty

First mistake that people commit in an interview is showing Dishonesty.

The main motto of every interview for you is ought to present an excellent version of yourself. Don’t waste your time in playing with the interview, it means you’re not being genuine. Interviewer is obviously going to pretend in front of you and indicate agreement over each and everything you say, but they are expert enough to discern that you’re not being honest and this could ultimately have an impact on your job. In fact, your honest answers may perform better than the one you assume interviewer desire to hear.

However, being dishonest is never a good thought. Majority of the knowledgeable interviewers can sense if someone is lying them. What if you are dishonest about a particular skill or qualification and hired on the basis of the same, you’re likely to run the risk of having an awkward conversation with your boss.

Lastly, as the saying goes- honesty is the better policy!

Mistake 2: Arrogance

It is always recommended to be confident at an interview, but being over-confident could be a stumbling block. This usually happens in the case of candidates who are referred by someone or the HR. This usually leaves an impression of candidate assuming that they merely have the job in their hand and just for name sake they’re sitting for an interview.