16 Things You Should Remove From Your Resume

A mind-blowing analysis illustrated that every recruiter tends to spend only 6 seconds in having a glance over the resume before concluding whether it is worth of a quicker scrutiny or not. When it’s about only six seconds than it is noteworthy to make every single word reckoning on the resume.

Here’s a list of at least 16 items you can avoid in your resume which will enable your job application stand out;

1. Objective

Very often we all witness few nonspecific objective sentences speaking about, “expert on a look out for opportunities that will usually permit me to pull on my skills.” As far as possible try and avoid the objective statement and reinstate it with your crane throw. Briefly explain what you are good at, most fascinated about and how can you deliver value to a potential recruiter.

2. Head shot

It’s advisable to avoid attaching a photo of yourself with the resume, unless and until you are producing a resume to opt for posts outside the United States, or else you’re in the entertainment industry and head shot is a segment of the job. Your picture may offer a hint to the recruiter regarding your nationality, age and religion, which would accidentally cause discrimination.